ssThe great and powerful Steven Spielberg has graciously brought the super-secret Munich to Budapest. Hooray for Spielberg! However, despite his constant assurances to the city that "This is the biggest thing ever to happen to Budapest" (and the accompanying expectations that all residents would fall at his feet in worshipful gratitude), all the man has done so far is really piss people off.

In addition to summarily towing cars in the city where they can legally be left, unmoved, on streets for weeks at a time, Spielberg and Co. are apparently being complete bastards to the locals. When people living in the street on which the film was shooting tried to take pictures (of their own homes, for God's sake!), they were told they had no right to do so because big important Steve had "bought" the street. Nice. I would guess that was news to some of the residents. When the interlopers refused to put their cameras away, the police were called. Man, I wish Spielberg would come shoot one of his socially important movies in my neighborhood!

[via Page Six]
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