Box Office SlumpYou can chalk this one up as another life-altering "Who woulda thunk it?" study. Seems the research company Brandimensions reached out far and wide to various internet chat rooms and message boards only to come to the conclusion that movies today kind of suck. Not only that, but they feel this constant sucking is what's causing a slump at the box office. Now, I can sit here all day and imagine different kinds of drug-induced scenarios the folks at Brandimensions must have been under when they chose a name for their company, but I feel there may be a deeper truth to explore such as; does FilmManiac666 not venture out to the theater to see The Cave because the movie looks bad, or because it's impossible for him to take the chat room along with?

Seriously though, according to the study, potential moviegoers cite Netflix as a reason why they don't leave the house as much anymore. With ticket prices through the roof, it's easier to wait a couple months to see a film if one can save a few bucks. So is it that movies stink, or are people too lazy to leave their couch for an evening? Is there even a slump or are we just jumping to conclusions? Perhaps I'll go visit a message board and ask these important questions since it seems the mysterious "people of the board" have all the answers these days.