haggisHot-writer-of-the-moment Paul Haggis has been hired to rewrite Casino Royale. The presence of Haggis - an Oscar nominee for Million Dollar Baby and the writer and director of Crash - suddenly heightens interest in the 21st Bond flick, which will sort of be a remake of 1967's spy spoof of the same name. The Ian Fleming novel Casino Royale introduced the Bond character for the first time, and is among the most serious and violent of the series; the upcoming version is expected to be more in line with the tone of the novel than that of the original film.

Wow - an actual good writer for a Bond film! Sweet. Of course, this news would be even more exciting if we knew who was going to star in the damn thing. Come on, Sony and MGM:  get your people in room with Hugh Jackman's people and just get this thing done already. Or Clive Owen's. Daniel Craig's? Really, at this point we're not even that picky - just get us a name.
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