KatrinaHurricane Katrina blasted its way through Louisiana, Alabama and Mississipi yesterday causing monumental damage and forcing all film production to a grinding halt as most crew members did all they could to escape its wrath. Only a Category 1 storm as it passed through Florida, shooting for Universal Pictures' Miami Vice starring Colin Ferrell and Jamie Foxx shut down for two days last Thursday and Friday, but things went back to semi-normal yesterday for Michael Mann and his gang. Yet, for the Joel Silver produced The Reaping based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it could be awhile before production is fully operational. Although minor set damage is being reported on the Hilary Swank film, there are still plenty of obstacles according to one source: "Flights, electricity, manpower, car rental -- there are going to be massive infrastructure problems." Though the Oscar winning actress is now safe in New York, there are still hundreds of thousands of people evacuated from the area as preparations for a massive relief effort get underway. We encourage everyone to please visit your local Red Cross to see if there's anything you or someone you know can do to help.
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