ggOn September 6, Turner Classic Movies will air a new documentary on the great Greta Garbo, a goddess who famously saw her fame as a constant burden. [Insert clever "I want to be alone!" comment here.] Despite filmmaker Kevin Brownlow's strong reputation as a documentarian, he was never able to get Garbo to even speak to him in private, let alone sit down for an interview. As a result, the doc relies primarily on interviews (both archival and new) with Garbo's friends and associates. Additionally, though, it does include a pair of segments of previous-unseen footage of the actress herself. One is the a screen test conducted in 1949 (eight years after Garbo left acting) in which viewers will see - probably for the first time - the star as a real person. "She's totally normal and relaxed...You suddenly see what it must have been like just to sit next to her." The second new bit of footage shows an older Garbo simply walking across a New York City street. It was shot (yes, this is true) by the crew of a porn film who happened to spot - and recognize, which I love - her passing by.

The doc leads off a month-long celebration of Garbo (she was born 100 years ago this year) on TCM, and will be immediately followed by Flesh and the Devil, the film that brought her and John Gilbert together for the first time.
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