Movie DiscountThere's a movie theater outside Tokyo, Japan that's offering a different, peculiar sort of discount. Forget the senior citizens and the children, or the children pretending to be senior citizens; this one is strictly for the geeks. Attempting to promote Train Man; a film about a nerd who falls in love (as if that's ever happened?) with a girl, moviegoers who approach the box office and claim "one ticket for a geek" are awarded with money off their entry. Now, according to the theater, over 70 percent of its customers say they are geeks. I'm surprised by that statistic because, here in America, that would easily be up near 99 percent. I mean, figure 1 percent doesn't want to degrade themselves in front of a hot date. So what's up with Japan? Where have all the good geeks gone? More importantly, how did Jimmy Fallon miss this role?

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