tmIn a very useful article previewing what's coming this fall and winter to New York's repertory theaters, the Village Voice highlights a glorious flood of Japanese films that are poised to take over the city.

Already running are MOMA's self-explanatory Anime!! series and the Film Forum's Summer Samurai, a grouping of 15 films including classics from Akira Kurosawa (today you can see a double feature of Yojimbo and Sanjuro) and MasakiKobayashi (Harakiri) and action insanity from KihachiOkamoto (Kill!, The Sword of Doom). Then, starting as soon as Anime!! ends next month, MOMA commences Early Autumn, a massive, 53 film examination of Japanese masterworks that is expected to run through January. The entire series of newly-struck prints comes direct from Japan's National Film Center of the National Museum of Modern Art and will feature a mix of internationally famous directors (KenjiKizoguchi, Kurosawa, and YasujiroOzu) and those little-known in the west (SadaoYamanaka, HeinosukeGosho, and KoreyoshiKurahara). Additionally, the New York Film Festival is offering an entire sidebar dedicated to the Shichoku Company; the sidebar will consist of films covering the company's entire 110 years of releases. Finally, two individual directors will receive retrospectives in NYC starting in late October:  Mizoguchi at BAM and MikioNaruse at the Film Forum.
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