A radio station in Ottawa, Canada is catching some flak for putting a "bounty" of sorts on Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Aniston. K-Rock and 96X have both been running a contest offering $10,000 to any listener who can convince Brad to do an interview. If they manage to snag both Brad and Angelina, they'll score $20,000, and if they achieve the impossible by actually getting Jen, Brad, and Angelina to all sit down for one radio interview, they get a whopping $50,000.

First of all, I would do a radio interview for much less than that, and the stuff I made up would be much more interesting. For example, did you know Brad insists that only the left side of his toast have butter on it? It's not true, but if you gave me fifty bucks I'd say it on the air. The contest is catching flak from people close to the celebrities who feel it jeopardizes their safety. The operations manager for the radio stations still thinks someone can convince at least one of the actors to step forward, as long as the money goes to charity. So now they want people to participate in a contest where they win a large sum of money, but with the caveat that the money go to charity. That's a really great contest, guys.

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