This TIME Magazine piece, by Christopher Porterfield, is about the tenth that I've read in the past month about Robert Altman's Prairie Home Companion. When was the last time a Robert Altman movie was given so much pre-release attention? I want to say Pret-a-Porter, the star-studded fashion-world flop that Bob released after the Player/Short Cuts one-two punch. What's spawning the buzz? Is it because Altman's last feature, Gosford Park won an Oscar and was nominated for six others? Is it because Paul Thomas Anderson has been suspiciously hanging about the set (although this story and others suggest that he didn't do nearly as much actual directing as we initially thought)? Is it because Lindsay Lohan is in it (if only for about ten minutes)? And all of that aside: does such advance chatter essentially doom even the best film to fall shot of expectations? What do you think?
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