• Saul Zaentz has been awarded $20 million dollars for *not* producing The Lord of the Rings. Zaentz, who bought the rights to the Tolkien books in the 70s but did little with them, had been suing New Line over miscalculated royalties.
  • Talk about Revenge of the Geeks: Judd Apatow has signed with Universal to write and direct his second feature, and "offbeat romantic comedy" starring Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. Apatow's debut, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, has made that studio a gobsmacking $49 million in 10 days.
  • Fox Searchlight has picked up a BBC flick called Imagine Me & You, about a woman (Piper Parabo) driven to run out on her wedding by an unexpected guest. The film, directed by Layer Cake cinematographer Ben Davis, will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.
  • Remember that indie vampire western I got all excited about yesterday? The production company behind it, Treasure Films, is looking to finance it entirely through a new New Mexican filmmaking initiative, making it the first film to find its entire budget in the state's interest free loan program. Whatever it takes to get the cowboy vampires (or are they vampire cowboys?) on the screen, boys. Whatever it takes.
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