ArnoldThe museum in Graz, Austria, opened in 1997 to celebrate the 50th birthday of nearby Thal native Arnold Schwarzenegger, is set to close today due to financial problems. The showcase, situated in a corner of the fitness center of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium in Graz, contains photos, paintings and other memorabilia from Schwarzenegger's storied career. Pleas for financial assistance to "The Austrian Oak" by the museum's management went unanswered.

The high-rent space is expected to become an All Things Falco Überstore. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a former Mr. Olympia who had minor success in Hollywood in movies like The Very Bad Robots From The Future (1984), My Small But Comical Brother Vincent (1988) and It's Not A Tumor! (1990). Rumor has it that he is now the Governor of California.

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