Star WreckC-3P0 had R2-D2, and fan film god Shane Felux, the mastermind behind the much-ballyhooed, fan-produced Star Wars micro-epic, Revelations, now has an overseas counterpart: Finnish sci-fi nut Samuli Torssonen. Torssonen created and produced the space parody, Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning, the FX-heavy, feature-length Star Trek and Babylon 5 spoof which is on a strategic mini-tour of Finland and due for a DVD release later this year. In the spirit of fan films, it will also be available later this year as a free download on the movie's website, which presently hosts the film's trailer. Maybe it's the geek in me (who got beat up daily by the cool kids who sat in the back of the school bus), but fan films are cool. They are cool not only because they expand the universes that the studios can't or won't, but because it is pure and truly "for the love of the thing", as the unspoken agreement between fan filmmakers and the copyright holders is that no profit will be made from the new product.
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