marlonThe novel that Marlon Brando co-wrote (though perhaps "co-composed" would be more accurate) with artist/director Donald Cammell (who directed Performance with Nic Roeg) is almost in our sweaty little hands - in just a week, we'll all finally be able to read Fan-Tan. The book, created by Brando and Cammell in the wake of Apocalypse Now, was seen by Brando as a possible future film project.

According to David Thomson's introduction (he edited the book), Brando would act scenes out while Cammell wrote them down. This makes me laugh because the only Brando improv I know is the "I think I swallowed a bug" scene from Hearts of Darkness, which is not exactly inspiring. That said, however, the novel sounds awesome. It's a big, pulpy story about a guy named Annie (trust Brando to create a role for himself whose name alone would confuse people) and his work for "Asia's most notorious female gangster," a woman with whom, of course, he has a lot of sex. In addition to sex, Fan-Tan offers pirates and storms and lies and fighting - really, what more could we ask for? Pre-order button, here I come.
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