Scream 4According to IconsofFright, Neve Campbell and The Weinsteins have "discussed" plans for the actress to reprise her role as Sydney Prescott for an additional Scream sequel. During a recent panel discussion Wes Craven divulged the news himself but made sure to note that this is "the first he's heard about it." Does that mean old Wes wants absolutely nothing to do with the project? Hmmm. For Campbell this seems like the best way to catapult her back into the spotlight, aside from a Party of Five reunion special – although I can't imagine who would be chasing her this time. Something tells me Sydney would be all grown up by now, possibly with a family of her own. Oohhh -- obsessive revenge-seeking husband? Eh. Spoiled teenage daughter who's pissed she didn't get a car for her high school graduation? Yes! How do you feel about a possible sequel? Is there any chance of spinning some originality around this one?

[via Moviehole]

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