9 Songs

When I went to see 9 Songs, I told my friends who were going to see it with me, "Look, I'm not making any promises about this film; all I know about it, is that it's supposed to be very steamy and sexy, and it revolves around music, specifically nine songs by some bands I like". And that pretty much sums up the movie, although calling 9 Songs "steamy and sexy" is perhaps a bit like saying that a Quentin Tarantino film "dabbles" in violence and foul language.

9 Songs is a very well done, artsy sex flick, interspersed with the nine songs of the title, which drive what little narrative there is to the film. The film tells the story of the relationship between nice Brit guy Matt, a glaciologist, and Lisa, a highly-sexed, somewhat nutty, 21-year-old American studying for a year in London. Specifically, the film is about Matt and Lisa having lots and lots of very graphic and hot sex, and about Matt's efforts to get closer to Lisa, who doesn't really want anything but his constant sexual attention and many, many orgasms.