clintThe Autry National Center's Museum of the American West is currently home to a massive exhibition about Italian filmmaker Sergio Leone. Co-curated by Leone biographer Christopher Frayling, the show (titled Sergio Leone:  Once Upon a Time in Italy) was researched and put together with the help of, among others, Leone's widow and The Man With No Name himself, Clint Eastwood. Containing artifacts from as far back as Leone's childhood, Once Upon a Time in Italy is primarily concerned with the history and context of the director's Dollars Trilogy (A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly) and the epic Once Upon a Time in the West. Featured in the show are objects like Eastwood's poncho from the Dollars films and Leone's shooting scripts, along with details about Leone's fascination with American culture, and the choice of Eastwood as Fistful's star.

Alongside the show (which runs through January) and in clear recognition of Free Movies Wednesday, the Autry center is running a trio of free, outdoor screens of Leone's films. The series begins Saturday night with For a Few Dollars More.
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