scoutSuddenly, it's a To Kill a Mockingbird month: last week, it was Harper Lee who resurfaced, and now it's Mary Badham, who starred as Scout in the film. Back in the public eye because of Our Very Own, her first film since 1966, Badham gave an interview to the AP recently that gives child actors all over the world hope for sanity. She works at a community college, raised a kid, and does art restoration - no arrests, no coke deals, no nothing. Scout grew up to be a well-adjusted, totally normal woman. Hooray!

The most wonderful part of the interview comes when Badham discusses her relationship with Gregory Peck, who played her father Atticus Finch in Mockingbird. She and Peck (whom she called "Atticus" for the duration of their relationship) stayed in close contact until his death in 2003. Because Badham lost both of her parents before she turned 22, she says she relied heavily on both Peck and his wife for stability and support. I must be feeling emotional this morning, because this quote from her almost made me cry:  "When you're going through tough times, just hearing his voice on the other end of the line was very calming for me. I knew that he was there and everything was OK." Oh my goodness. Honestly, I think I might love this woman even more now than I did when I was a kid.