Once again. audiences are advised to forget, forget that part in the V for Vendetta trailer about the fifth of November. The Natalie Portman-starring film based on the Alan Moore comic, originally moved from that date to February 2006, has now been pushed back even further, and should premiere next March. This is just the latest in a string of setbacks the film has faced: the role of V was recast several weeks into production; Moore has publicly denounced the project; and recently the terrorist-themed film's website was hacked. I enjoyed the trailer quite a bit (and I'm the first to admit that I'm usually the last to stand in line for this kind of film), but I have to wonder – is this all heading towards epic disaster territory?

Producer Joel Silver is already scrambling to pull back the reins on Vendetta's pre-release reputation. He placed an anxious phone call to the LA Times, stating his case: "Look, we need help on this. We need people to understand what this movie is and what it's trying to do. Look, it is a controversial movie." A mega-producer baldly trying to position a mainstream outlet on his troubled production – is this charmingly transparent, or just embarrassing?
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