• Jessica Alba and Hayden Christenson, two of the prettiest, emptiest vehicles to prop up pretty, empty vehicles in recent memory, are taking a turn for the pseudo-serious. The pair will co-star in Awake, to be co-produced by The Weinstein Company and Greene Street Films, about a man who finds himself awake but paralyzed whilst undergoing surgery. "This film will do to surgery what Jaws did to swimming in the ocean," quoth producer Joana Vicente. Cue the AMA backlash right ... about ... now.
  • Carroll Ballard's critically-acclaimed family film Duma is finally seeing a second chance at release – but is Warner Brothers responding to critical demand, or are they just trying to fulfill an international TV contract?
  • Fox Searchlight has picked up Deepa Mehta's controversial Water, the final film in the trilogy that also includes Fire and Earth. Production on the film was shut down in 2000 due to death threats from fundamentalist Hindus, and had to be restarted five years later in secret. The picture follows a young Hindu girl in Ghandi-era colonial India.
  • The Italian press has made a public plea to the jury of the Venice Film Festival: "Give a Lion to Italian Cinema."
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