robI'm posting this mostly because I want it to be true:  vaguely-reliable UK "news" source Ananova is reporting that Robbie Williams is the man the remaining Bee Gees want to play Tony Manero in their (choke) remake of Saturday Night Fever. Their modern remake, that is. While there can be very little doubt that remaking Saturday Night Fever is a horrible idea, I have to say that if anyone could make it not totally suck, it would be Robbie Williams. Seriously. The guy is totally shameless, is a great (if a bit odd) dancer, and has more charisma than most of the pretty boys piling up in Hollywood. Hey, someone's paying to make a sequel to Dukes of Hazzard - somehow, now, this doesn't sound so bad. (Alright yes, I was a Take That fan. Hush. We all have our secrets.)

[via The Movie Blog]
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