HurricaneVerita Thompson, late screen star Humphrey Bogart's lover for 17 years, recently vowed, "Lauren Bacall failed to chase me out of Hollywood; Katrina won't force me out of New Orleans." Thompson, now 87 and living in what used to be New Orleans, made the pledge to stay after being offered a private jet berth out of the city shortly before Katrina struck. There has been no word since the hurricane as to how Thompson and her third story French Quarter apartment weathered the storm.

There is also no word as to whether or not standing up to a Category 5 storm is Thompson's way of saying, "I've lived a good long life, and don't care if I don't come through this or not." That would be one thing, as would be the onset of dementia, but if it is some sort of elderly "Isn't It Charming That I'm So Set In My Ways" entitlement mentality at work here, she's putting others at risk by staying put. Get the hell out of there, lady. You're not setting a good example. It's just stuff. You can always buy more stuff.

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