VivicaKill Billvixen Vivica A. Fox told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel on his show Tuesday night that he would "get his ass kicked" for his long-running jokes about her pal, The View co-host Star Jones Reynolds, Jones Reynolds's weight and November 2004 marriage to investment banker Al Reynolds, some of which he was telling as Fox walked on stage. WENN described what followed as "a frosty silence" which failed to improve, eventually culminating in Fox telling Kimmel (who had suggested a big get-together to reconcile), "I would have to take off my shoe and beat you down, brother!" (sounds like a great cover photo for her new magazine).

A note to Righteous Famous People everywhere: make sure you read the "Sticks & Stones" codicil of your "So You're A Public Figure Now" handbook which states explicitly, "...but jokes will never hurt me." Besides, Starr has her own daily public forum from which to fire back (and four catty back-ups to urge her on and provide moral support). What's that word I'm looking for? Oh yeah -- "Waahh!" You've both got the fame and fortune, Missy -- this is part of the "everything that goes with it".
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