Summer SchoolHere's a tip for all of you low budget do-it-yourself filmmakers aspiring to produce the next great horror epic – you may want to clean up after each scene. Why? Well, students from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design learned the hard way when police came knocking on their door after witnessing what appeared to be brain matter splashed across the inside of a car. What the cops and neighbors didn't know at the time was that it was all part of a film called Summer School and the owner of the car was very much alive inside his house. After being grilled about the disturbing find, things were finally settled after everyone sat down and watched the scene together.

What's ironic about this story is that there was a film called Summer School back in the day and two of its characters were obssessed horror fanatics. Remember? The moral of the story is that the next time you want to (pretend) kill someone in the back of your car, you should probably keep Harvey Keitel's phone number close by.

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