tsuiI'm not pushing some sort of Page Six-verified romance between the two here, so don't freak out. But according to Hong Kong's Apple Daily, the two action kings are expected to meet shortly to discuss a possible collaboration.

Alongside occasional ventures into other genres, Hark has been a major force in Hong Kong action cinema for decades, directing and/or producing such hits as Peking Opera Blues, A Better Tomorrow II and III (wrote and produced II, wrote, produced, and directed III), and Time and Tide. Additionally, his Seven Swords last night became the first Asian film ever to open the Venice Film Festival. Scott, meanwhile, has established himself as a major double-threat on this side of the Pacific, producing and directing such films as Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, and Black Hawk Down. While, given the backgrounds of the two men, it's impossible to know what roles they might assume if they were to work together, the possibility alone is pretty exciting, at least for action fans.
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