Steve BuscemiJust when you thought it was safe to go back into the mosh pit without a fire extinguisher -- wait -- wrong festival. The Woodstock Film Festival is proving it's got what it takes to (somewhat) roll with the big boys this September when it kicks off its sixth year with the U.S. premiere of Will Ferrell'sWinter Passing. From September 28th through October 2nd, fest will shell out eight world premieres and twelve U.S. premieres. Among the festivities, Steve Buscemi will not only screen his film Lonesome Jim, but the actor/director will also be presented the Maverick Award for "creativity and independent vision." Yay Steve!

Located in New York's Catskills, famous for its dilapidated summer resorts that once were, The Woodstock Film Festival has always been known for its casual atmosphere; focusing more on cultural aspects then whether or not George Clooney brought along a hot date. Right about now you're probably dying for more information, so why not visit the fest's official website and start planning that long weekend away.

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