Martha got us all excited about a proposed sequel to Elizabeth yesterday (although anything starring Clive Owen is known to cause a bit of a stir here at Cinematical Headquarters), but Cate Blanchett, who was Oscar nominated for her role as the Virgin Queen in the original film, has now indicated that she doesn't want to do it. The actress told Australia's Herald Sun yesterday that reports that the sequel is all but a sure thing are incorrect. "I'm really good friends with [Elizabeth director] Shekhar Kapur and he's forever saying he's going to do this movie or that movie and I think there was talk about it," the actress admits. But she's cagey about whether or not she's be involved: "There's so much there if it were to happen, but my initial instinct is, why (make it)?" Well, Cate, judging by the media response to the initial report, how about because people would like to see it?
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