HivesÜberhip Swedish rockers The Hives are apparently unsatisfied with music scene ubiquity, and are setting their sights on movies. Band leader Holwin' Pelle Almqvist ("Howlin'" being a traditional Swedish name) promises fans,"It's going to be available on DVD, which is the leading format for movies these days and it's going to contain us basically being ourselves, being other people and playing music."

Okay, sounds innocuous enough, but then, the horror: "We have no idea what's going to happen, but it's going to be good. There's not too much writing involved [so how is that different than, say, Deuce Bigalow: You're A Peed-On Gigolo]? - it's mostly improvisation." For the love of all that is holy - no! Even the most skilled filmmakers like Jim Jarmusch stumble (for the most part) with such unscripted, stream-of-unconsciousness as Coffee & Cigarettes (2003), a high profile example of why improv on film should be considered by Amnesty International to be a crime against humanity.

If you're looking for cool Scandinavian rockers on film (no, not ABBA), dust off your VHS deck and check out 1989's too-cool-for-words Leningrad Cowboys Go Amerika.
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