Bringing Down The HouseIf you've never had the chance to read Bringing Down The House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions, then why are you still sitting there? Get up and go buy this book. Now! It tells the true story of a bunch of brains who master the art of card counting and cash in big time. Trust me, you'll dig it. In fact, all it took was an excerpt in Playboy to gain Kevin Spacey's interest, who then optioned the book and will produce the film now that it appears a director is attached. Shawn Levy is in talks to direct 21 (much shorter title then the book it's based on) after Brett Ratner jumped ship and landed on X-Men 3. Is it me, or does it seem every other news story has Ratner leaving a project for another, more popular one? Regardless, it should be interesting to see how Levy (who tends to stick with comedy) tackles a cool, fast-paced casino-style thriller. Either way, I'm all in.
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