leoAs reported here earlier, there are several super-special DVD editions of Titanic coming out next month. Because nothing is simple, though, there's a catch: the three different sets (of two, three, or four discs) will be released to different countries, with not everyone having access to all of them. Basically, all of you rabid Titanic/Leocompletists need to start looking for a region-free DVD player.

The three disc set will only be available in the US, Korea, and Japan, and will offer extras including deleted scenes, three new commentaries (including one from James Cameron), behind-the-scenes footage, and an alternate ending. (I don't want to go too far out a limb here, but I'm betting that the boat still sinks.) Sounds pretty cool, right? But fans of the film in Latin America, Europe, and Australia can't have the three disc version - instead, they get to choose either the two disc set or an insane four full discs of Titanic goodies. In addition to getting everything on the measly American/Japanese/Korean version, those who buy the four disc set will also get to see three parodies of the film (I guess it's easier to have a sense of humor about yourself when your movie makes a zillion dollars.), copious trailers, and an HBO First Look documentary. Whew.