Blair WitchEven though Ed Sanchez has gone from a Blair witch to a captured alien in his newest film Altered, the writer/director is still itching to produce a prequel to the 1999 blockbuster that warned cameramen everywhere: You can do without the extreme close-up of snot out the nose. Please. Screw the witch, that snot haunts me to this day. It's been almost six years since Blair Witch 2: The Curse of the Big Budget failed to do anything but disappoint audiences, yet Sanchez hopes his latest scares Lion's Gate back into "we'll do anything you say" mode. Speaking to readers on Haxan, he says "I'm really hoping ALTERED does well enough so that LION'S GATE steps up and takes our PREQUEL idea seriously." Immediately following this (coded?) message, thousands of hardcore fans began a marathon mission to decipher the super secret hidden meaning behind those mysterious CAPITALIZED words. Here's wishing them good luck on that journey.
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