Elijah WoodRight now you're sitting at your computer, anxiously wishing Cinematical would bring back its Trailer Park feature. Well, we heard your wishes (even though some of them were a bit perverted) and decided it was about damn time to grant them. So, turn the television volume way down, relax and get real into these:
  • Eddie Burns becomes the latest Hollywood actor lucky enough to travel back through time, but this dinosaur hunter soon finds out he's got a lot more to worry about then a broken flux capacitor in A Sound of Thunder.
  • In an attempt to get as far away from Frodo as he can, Elijah Wood heads to London and, in the process, meets a bunch of Football (Soccer for you blokes from the States) fans who like to drink and kick tons of ass. Eh, I'm sure by the end of Green Street Hooligans, our Hobbit friend will learn something meaningful about the whole thing.
  • Speaking of ass kicking, ever wonder what would happen if The Rock collided with a bunch of mutant beings hell bent on destroying civilization? No? Well, I'm guessing he makes it out alive inDoom; the latest video game adaptation to hit the big screen.
  • Just when you thought we wouldn't include a little hip hop flava to the mix, watch 50 Cent as he attempts to prove Eminem had it easy in Get Rich or Dye Tryin'.
  • After making millions off his scripts Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout and The Long Kiss Goodnight, writer Shane Black decided to disappear and party his ass off. Hmm, I've used the word ass a lot in this post. Anyway, he's back and making his directorial debut with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; featuring fellow partiers Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer. Damn, I'm surprised they managed to finish this one without someone ending up in rehab.