ewElijah Wood is starting to remind me uncomfortably of myself (except for the gender and height issues) - we've both got obsessive tendencies that border on the pathetic. In the wake of Green Street, he became a huge soccer nut, he's compulsive about new music, and he's a long-time maniac for graphic novels. Because he's a high-powered actor, though, whereas I'm just sad, he can actually make something out of his obsessions.

Not only does Wood DJ every couple weeks at an LA club (not in the scratch-heavy sense of the word DJ - he just takes his iPod along and plays cool music), but he's also in the process of starting his own record label and is trying to get a music show on Sirius radio. Who knew? The label, called Simian, sounds like it's actually going to happen - it's already got one band on the books and is close to signing another. In addition to his music aspirations, Frodo is currently trying to adapt and buy the rights to a Russian "cult tome" called Novel With Cocaine, which he hopes to produce and star in. Oh, and he's got Green Street and LievSchreiber'sEverything is Illuminated coming out this year. Why, it's enough to wear a hobbit out!