Judd ApatowAfter praising Seth Rogen for his work on Freaks and Geeks and The 40 Year Old Virgin, Judd Apatow is looking to make him the star of his next film; figure something along the lines of wacky adult comedy. Not only that, but the brand new feature director also hopes the film will transform Rogen into a comedy superstar as Virgin appeared to do for Steve Carell. Yeah, and then everyone can hold hands and skip off to fantasyland together. I'm sorry, but who does this guy think he is - some comedy messiah? "Next up, I shall choose Bob from Indiana. Bob cracks jokes in his office. People think Bob is funny. Behold, Bob - comedy superstar!" Sure, your film made a ton of money, but let's take a step back Judd. Steve Carell has garnered a strong cult following from his appearance on The Daily Show to solid bit parts opposite money men Jim Carrey and Will Farrell. He has his own show on NBC. How come everyone is making it seem like this guy was an unknown? And Rogen? Okay, we loved Freaks, but that was six years ago man. Who is this guy? Expectations will be high coming off Virgin, so why risk it all on some dude people will kind of remember as being somewhat funny in that other movie? Seems like a bad move to me, but hey, stranger things have happened. Or have they?
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