morganApart from his general incredibly dignity, coolness, and amazing acting ability, Morgan Freeman also is also a humanitarian (Mad respect, as the kids say, if that makes you think of All That Jazz). As Karina mentioned earlier, he's spearheading a 100 item online auction, the proceeds of which will be donated in their entirety - even the auction fees have been waived - to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Freeman has a home in the Mississippi delta and co-owns a blues club in Clarksdale, where he spends a good deal of time (in other words, he doesn't just send checks). Needless to say, the hell in Mississippi and Louisiana strikes very close to home for him.

In addition to bidding just to get money to those who are suffering, there also happen to be some pretty awesome lots in Freeman's auction, if you've got the cash. Among other things, you can get VIP tickets and a backstage meeting with BB King (current bid:  $500), an XM Radio and lifetime XM service (current bid:  $1700), and four tickets to see the Navy-Notre Dame football game (current bid:  $605). My favorite, I think is, the tickets to the premiere and afterparty for Good Night, and Good Luck in New York (current bid:  $550). Even though you have to submit to a background check, it's a small price to pay for an evening in the vicinity of George Clooney and David Strathairn. Plus, your bid's for an incredibly good cause - the whole auction is win-win, people. Go forward and spend.
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