reneI still remember what a wonderful shock it was to see the incredibly sexy, adult Rene Russo driving Pierce Brosnan crazy in The Thomas Crown Affair. (Yes it's a remake. And yes, I love it. So sue me.) In 1999's movieworld, most men in the 40s were paired up with lithe young things who were barely out of school, so it was stunning to see a hot leading man wanting a woman who was actually his own age. A look at screens now, though, suggest that things may have changed. The desperately under-appreciated Joan Allen was a romantic lead in The Upside of Anger. Maggie Cheung and Gong Li are babes in 2046. Catherine Keener saves The 40 Year-Old Virgin. All of these women are in their 40s, and they all (finally) are getting a chance to strut their stuff on screen. Great news, right? Well, maybe not.

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