The Los Angeles County coroner has concluded that Domino Harvey – model, bounty hunter, daughter of actor Laurence Harvey and the subject of Tony Scott's upcoming Keira Knightley film, Domino – died in June from an overdose of Fentanyl. Fentanyl, a painkiller more powwefull than morphine, was found in Harvey's heart, blood and liver, and by the looks of things, the overdose was accidental. At the time of her death, Harvey was facing various types of drug charges; she was also rumoured to be unhappy with the way Scott's film excluded various aspects of story, specifically her bisexuality. New Line has been shuffling the picture back and forth around its release schedule ever since Harvey's arrest in May; at the time of her death, it was scheduled to bow in August, but that obviously didn't happen, and now the New Line new release page says it's coming out on October 14. There had been some speculation that Scott was going to add a quickie coda to his film, detailing his subject's demise; nothing has been confirmed on that score, but unless it's a very loose biopic, it would seem almost disrespectful not to. But, then again, Richard Kelly wrote the screenplay, so I'm sure any resemblance Domino bears to reality is purely coincidental.