indieWIRE's Eugene Hernandez is blogging from the Telluride Film Festival this weekend, and he's got some great stuff, including this candid shot of festival guests such as Mickey Rooney, Helena Bonham Carter and Philip Seymour Hoffman gathering for a group photo. To hear Eugene tell it, it seems like the film getting the biggest buzz so far is Capote, in which Hoffman plays the titular author. "Hoffman's nuanced performance as Capote is the big news," Hernandez writes. "The actor brings the character to life in such a rich way that for the first few minutes its nearly hard to take it: the voice, the mannerisms, the style." He's also got reports from screenings of Brokeback Mountain, Paradise Now, and Laurie Anderson's presentation of her new work, Hidden Inside Mountains. There's surely more to come; the festival draws to a close tomorrow.