The fact that the search for an actor to take Pierce Brosnan's place as James Bond has been going on as long as it has points to more than a combination of Broccoli fussiness and Sony pettiness; it's clear that, for a tall, dark and handsome thirty-something Brit-ish actor, the allure of Bond is not what it once was. The producers won't settle for a total unknown, but why would a "known" want to tie himself down to a forty year old franchise? Why would, say, Hugh Jackman, who spends most of his time flitting between Broadway glory and comic franchise features, want to hide inside the tuxedo of an icon?

According to the Independent, the situation has become so dire that Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures, is spearheading a Bond-finding summit this week to pick a new 007 once and for all. This is apparently the second such summit – the first, according to the article, "ended in disarray". Producers are desperate: shooting is set to start in twelve weeks, and Casino Royale (which, incidentally, is also currently without a completed script) has already been booked to open October 19, 2006.
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