Hannibal LectorWhile cast announcements for the fourth installment of a deteriorating Hannibal Lecter series are expected to be made during the Venice Film Festival, word is still out on who will play the young Anthony Hopkins. Hayden Christiansen and Macauley Culkin were both rumored as being considered for the role, but now it seems Gaspard Ulliel (A Very Long Engagement) has stepped up as frontrunner. Young Hannibal tells the story of a teenage Hannibal Lecter, who at a very young age, is forced to deal with the murder of his family. Hopkins himself will give the film a sort of warped Wonder Years feel by narrating throughout. The film will also star Rhys Ifans, as the chap that murders Lecter's parents, Kevin McKidd and Gong Li. Film is to be based on the upcoming Thomas Harris novel.
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