robocopNot only was Peter Weller smart enough not to appear in RoboCop 3 (or Robocop:  Alphacommando, or Robocop vs the Terminator),  but he also just happens to be a professor at Syracuse University who has a master's degree in Roman and Renaissance art. AND he's working on his PhD. (He also has a second home in Positano, Italy, the lucky bastard.) Weller's class is called "Hollywood and the Roman Empire," but it's apparently not as easy as it sounds. According to Professor Weller himself, "80 kids signed up thinking they'd get an easy A from RoboCop." A lot of them ran off, though, when they saw the phonebook-sized reader. After spending a semester reading primary sources and watching relevant films, Weller (on the orders of his dean) took the "best 15" students to Italy to see what they'd been learning about. Man alive, why didn't I go to Syracuse?
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