BandMarginalize Charles Band's brand of low-concept and even lower budget movie making if you will, but the guy sure has staying power. As Film Threat points out, the creator of perpetual DTV franchises such as Puppet Master and Trancersis going Kerou-wacky next month with his U.S. "Charles Band's Full Moon Horror Road Show". Back in the 1980's, I was a teenage video store clerk and wannnabe filmmaker, and Band's many meager but effective genre efforts taught me a thing or two about resourcefulness and tenacity. I'll certainly be coming out to meet him when he touches down in Boston just before Halloween. Check out Band's Wizard Entertainment/Full Moon Features site for more details. Wizard's latest DVD releases are the Band-directed Decadent Evil and Scott Spiegel's little-seen 1989 flick Intruder.
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