iggyAnother one for the Casting News I Never Thought I'd Hear file:  it's been widely reported on the internet today that Elijah Wood is to play a young Iggy Pop in an untitled film about the maniac rocker's life. And the stories all have a quote in them from Wood about how terrified he is about screwing up, so it seems as if this one might actually true. Huh. I see no resemblance whatsoever between the two, but Wood is hip these days, and actors dig roles that required them to drop or add massive amounts of weight. Since Iggy seems to have been rail-thin since birth, normal-girthed Elijah's got some work to do.

I wish we could get some more info on the film - Pop is actually a very intelligent, interesting guy who has enough material in him for about 15 movies. This one could do the obvious and focus on smack, chicks, and screaming, or it could go a quieter route and tap into a little of that intelligence to explore the guy behind the shirtless torso. Well, here's hoping.
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