EmpressA united Korea may be a topic of discussion for the naive, the idealists and the dreamers, but that has not stopped animator Nelson Shin from taking steps toward normalized relations between the two estranged countries. Shin's latest effort, as reported by Mark Russell in The New York Times, is the hand-drawn animated epic Empress Chung, the first film to be released (this August) simultaneously in his native South Korea and communist North Korea. The film, about a girl who goes on an adventure to restore her blind father's eyesight, was also produced in both countries. This is the part where I would say, "Shin is best-known for...", but, like many Asian animators not working in Japan, he is not best known for much of anything, even though he helped create the lightsabers for the original Star Wars and his production company, AKOM, animated countless "Simpsons" episodes. Thankless work all, and it seems about time that he and others like him get their proper due.
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