superApparently the pretty fantastic teaser linked below is a fanboy-made fake. That said, though, if the real thing looks as good as this one does, we'll be in very good shape. I don't even consider myself a big Superman fan (though the "that's why they call them terrorists, Clark" line in Superman II is one of my favorite bits of dialogue ever), but I got chills at the first shot of Clark with his glasses. The only negative I could find is how much Brandon Routh looks like Lucas from Days of Our Lives, but I suspect that's my problem more than his.

Right now, having seen so little, it's hard for anyone to talk about Superman Returns without referencing one of the other Super-incarnations (primarily the Christopher Reeve series and Smallville) - it'll be interesting to see if Bryan Singer is able to carve out an independent space for his film. I don't envy his task at all; the outrageous expectations that rise with every photo, bit of footage, and leak about costumes would drive almost anyone bonkers. But hey, he's only got about ten more months of it.