Is Jason Statham a star yet? He's far less recognizable than a Ewan McGregor or a Matt Damon, but unlike those guys, the record shows he's far more capable of opening a picture. His sequel to The Transporter (titled, fittingly, Transporter 2) debuted in first place this long weekend with $20.25 million, knocking The 40 Year-Old Virgin down to second in its third week. Opening on Wednesday, The Constant Gardener had almost a week to rack up its third place take of $10.8 million, but it did so on less than half the screens of the competition. Audiences ignored the weekend's other two new releases: Miramax dumped Underclassman on a few screens and picked up an embarrassing $3.1 million, whilst scci-fi rubbish The Sound of Thunder barely made a million dollars. Full top ten after the jump.