jrThe Larry in this case is the great and powerful Larry Hagman, known the world over as JR Ewing from Dallas. And what Larry wants is for Bruce Willis to play his role in the (sigh) upcoming movie version of the show. Now, as someone who loves Bruce so much that she actually thinks Hudson Hawk is a great movie, I'm fully in favor of this move. The problems are at least twofold, however. First, no one involved with the movie cares what I think or, more importantly, what Larry thinks. Second, John Travolta is reportedly already cast as JR. Curses!

Also, it occurs to me Larry's reasons for wanting Willis in the role are a bit suspect. Spake the real JR, "He has a great sense of humour, he's manly, and he's had enough women in his life." I'm with him on the humor part, but once he gets going, it almost sounds like he wants to use the fact that Bruce Willis had sex (at least twice) with Demi Moore to prop up his own image. I mean, I know Hagman is talking about the character and all, but since he presents Willis' conquests as qualifying elements for casting, we're clearly supposed to assume he's at least equally macho. And manly - don't forget manly! Now it all just seems sort of sad, not to mention a tiny bit dirty. Men.
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