spellboundWord on the street has it that Jeffery Blitz - AKA the director of the best spelling bee documentary ever made - has agreed to direct a feature for his next project. According to the Baltimore Sun article linked below, the film is called Rocket Science, and is at least partially based on Blitz's own childhood. As a kid, the director suffered from a stutter, something he eventually defeated only through public speaking. Rocket Science, then, is about a high schooler (not, as far as we know, named Jeff) with a chronic stutter who joins a debate team.

In a refreshing move, Blitz is steadfastly refusing to make the movie a heartwarming tale about a lad's triumph over adversity. Instead, he's determined to make a film that is be "heavy on laughs and short on any value one might regard as socially redeeming." Woo hoo!
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