LostSo it seems like another one of television's hot shows is looking to make a push towards the big screen. According to Monsters and Critics, three rival studios are fighting over the movie rights for Lost; you know, that show where a group of people find themselves stranded on an island after a plane crash only to discover they're not alone and that millions of fans are watching them each week? Pic would be a great move for the show's producers who could potentially kill two birds with one stone; satisfy the cast and provide a kick-ass series finale. The show is only in its second season and already its stars are furious at the fact they're making just a fifth of what a Desperate Housewife takes home. However, a stint on that bigger screen would guarantee a much larger payday (because who cares about entertaining when there's millions to be made?) The film, which would most likely come after this season or next, would also provide Lost addicts with a phenomenal setting to witness the way in which it all ends. Yay! Yet, we've heard such rumors circling around other shows (The Sopranos) only to see nothing coming from them. Nay! I guess all we can do now is wait and see if the movie thing actually happens or if, like others, it will wind up lost on the internet somewhere.

[via Moviehole]

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