antmanIn an effort to keep more of the profits generated by its characters, Marvel Entertainment (Marvel Enterprises was apparently not a big enough name anymore) has taken out a $525 million loan to finance the production of its own films. Because starting small is foolish, the company officially announced today that it is in the process of assigning writers to fully ten Marvel character-based films, all of which will have budgets of between $50 and $165 million. Though it's not yet decided which stories will be filmed first, among the superfolks getting the big-screen treatment are Captain America, Ant-Man (Ant-Man?! Sight unseen, this guy just became my favorite superhero of all time.), Dr. Strange, and Hawkeye. Though Paramount will be involved in most of the distribution of Marvel Entertainment's films, Marvel will go it alone in Japan, Germany, Australia, and a handful of other countries.
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