deppIn a throwback to the heady days of Smell-O-Vision, at least two theaters in Japan are augmenting their early screenings of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with delicious, chocolatey smells. The smells will be produced by the sexy-sounding ScentairAromatrix machines, which are capable, you'll all be happy to know, of producing a wide range of scents including the ever-popular wet dog. Even when the machine is producing good smells, it's just not an appealing thought - I imagine being in a theater with a system installed would be overwhelming. Sort of like sitting inside one of those Glad air freshener things.

Oddly, the Aromatrix is made by an American company, and the devices were reportedly used in 50 different US premieres of the film. While the article links below claims that the smelly showings garnered "wide attention," having not heard of them until now, I beg to differ. I don't suppose any of you actually attended any of these aroma-filled screenings and care to report?